Fibromyalgia can be difficult to prove at your Social Security Disability hearing and it also can be very difficult to win your case based on Fibromyalgia alone. These Fibromyalgia help tips are for someone trying to explain to the judge how their Fibromyalgia affects their daily life and their ability to work.

Does Fibromyalgia qualify for disability?

Does Fibromyalgia qualify for disabilityBased on Disability Attorneys’ interactions with clients with Fibromyalgia, there are two different types of pain that one may feel from Fibromyalgia.

  • One type is generalized body pain which is an achy flu like constant pain or nagging/aggravation which can be worsened by activity, by the weather or by being touched.
  • The second type of Fibromyalgia pain about is localized fibromyalgia pain.

There may be one spot on your body such as your back, knees, neck or feet. This part of your body can constantly hurt whether you are in a Fibromyalgia flare or not.

Can you get disability for fibromyalgia, Yes! But when someone has Fibromyalgia, it’s difficult to explain how they feel to the ALJ so a Disability Attorney usually try to ask clients what type of activities they do that aggravates their Fibromyalgia pain. For some people it is sweeping, for others it may be trying to dust, or going to the grocery store and the fatigue that they feel from doing simple daily activities. This is a good way to illustrate how your Fibromyalgia affects your ability to work. Also if you have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia by a general practitioner or your family doctor, obviously it is better for you to be diagnosed by a Rheumatologist, a specialist who can definitely give you specialized treatment for Fibromyalgia.

Another thing about Fibromyalgia is that it is always good that you have tried a variety of methods to alleviate your Fibromyalgia pain. Aqua therapy, physical therapy, exercise programs, different types of medications that a person can take. There are also alternative medicines that many of my clients have tried to alleviate their Fibromyalgia pain (acupuncture). All the things that you have tried enhance your credibility for Social Security Disability because you are basically able to tell the judge: your honor I have tried this, this, and this and I still have this Fibromyalgia pain that prevents me from working. Effort does count for a lot with Fibromyalgia or any type of impairment for a Social Security Disability case.

fibromyalgia and disabilityIs Fibromyalgia recognized as a disability by Social Security?

Fibromyalgia is recognized by Social Security as a medical condition, but to qualify for benefits based on Fibromyalgia, your condition like any other medical condition for which people claim disability must be severe enough to be disabling. Because many of the symptoms of Fibromyalgia are subjective, that is there isn’t a test or observation that can prove them, sometimes disability due to Fibromyalgia can be hard to prove.

Additionally, many people with Fibromyalgia are able to work, especially in sedentary or light work. For these reasons, it would be a good idea to hire a Social Security attorney who has experience with Fibromyalgia claims. Also, receiving care from a Rheumatologist who has diagnosed you with Fibromyalgia can be helpful.